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The Pink Mansion in Malibu: How Much Does Barbie’s DreamHouse Really Cost?


Have you ever wondered what it would cost to live like Barbie in her famed Malibu DreamHouse? To answer this question, luxury real estate gurus from RubyHome have crunched the numbers, and the results are quite staggering.

In line with the release of the new Barbie movie, the iconic pink mansion is now available for a limited Airbnb booking on the 17th of July. According to RubyHome’s calculations, the estimated sale value of the DreamHouse, if it were to hit the market, would be a whopping USD 10 million, equivalent to $2,880 per square foot. This figure is more than triple the median price for property in the Malibu region.

To work out this valuation, the team at RubyHome compared the DreamHouse with other local homes with similar features. They also added an extra 10% for the unique charm that comes with owning a life-sized version of Barbie’s residence.

This Barbie-themed house sprawls across 3,500 square feet and is bathed in the doll’s signature shade of pink. It boasts a swimming pool, breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, and an interior styled by renowned designer Jonathan Adler, featuring genuine Barbie furniture.

The Airbnb listing paints an alluring picture of the DreamHouse, describing it as a “fantasy pink mansion perched beautifully above the beach, offering sweeping panoramic views. It truly is a dream come true!”

Comparable homes in the Malibu area, complete with similar amenities such as location, pool, and ocean views, have been selling for around USD 9.1 million. However, when factoring in the house’s iconic design and the cultural significance of the Barbie brand, the price could skyrocket to AUD 10 million – nearly three times the average Malibu home value.

The DreamHouse could command an estimated USD 77,412 per month if Barbie decided to become a landlord. And if she ever chose to sell, she could expect closing costs to be around USD 780,000.


For most Americans, to even consider owning this property, they would need an annual income of at least USD 2 million, assuming a 20% down payment.

Although the pink mansion will be open for Airbnb booking from July 17, only four fortunate guests will have the chance to experience the charm of the property during a one-night stay on July 21 and 22. Currently, the DreamHouse is privately owned and not up for sale.

In relation to the attention surrounding the Barbie DreamHouse, Tony Mariotti, the CEO of RubyHome, said: “Barbie’s marketing has been everywhere this summer. In the build-up to the movie’s release, this unique property appeared on Airbnb, leading eager fans to rush to glimpse the real-life dollhouse, complete with a maximalist Barbie-themed interior. While it certainly won’t be to everyone’s taste, the 3,500 square foot space, views of the Pacific Ocean, private pool, and totally unique design result in a hefty price tag for the property. It will be fascinating to see how much the Airbnb listing makes over the two nights it’s open to guests.”

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