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Expert tips for tenants to secure their security bond return


Start Fresh and Plan Ahead

Beginning with a clean property can set a positive tone for the entire tenancy. Cleaning before moving furniture in and giving yourself enough time to move safely can prevent accidental damage and set a lasting standard.

The Importance of the Property Condition Report

The Property Condition Report (PCR) serves as a vital reference for the property’s condition at the beginning and end of the tenancy. Using it effectively, along with videos or timestamped images, can help resolve disputes and guide cleaners.

Building a Strong Relationship with Your Property Manager

Open and clear communication with your property manager is essential. Addressing issues as they arise and maintaining a friendly tone can foster a positive relationship and prevent misunderstandings.

Regular Maintenance and Care

Focusing on specific areas that property managers often inspect can prevent issues at the end of the lease. Regular maintenance of ovens, cobwebs, lawns, floors, shower screens, walls, and carpets can make the final inspection smoother.

Making the Most of the Final Inspection

Attending the final inspection and being prepared to fix issues on the spot can leave a good impression. Researching professional cleaners and ensuring they meet the required standards can also help.

Additional Considerations

  • Keep your contact details updated with BondsOnline.
  • Retain necessary receipts such as those for carpet cleaning or fumigation.
  • Speed up the bond return process by providing a photo of the water reading when vacating.

These expert tips offer a comprehensive guide for tenants to navigate the process of securing their bond return. By adhering to these guidelines, tenants can foster a positive relationship with their property managers and ensure a smooth transition at the end of their tenancy.

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