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The Australian suburbs where homeowners are settling in for decades


Owning a home is often considered the quintessential Australian dream. While many Aussies opt to trade one home for another as life circumstances change, there are specific suburbs where homeowners are more likely to stay put for the long haul. According to PropTrack, these suburbs have the longest average homeownership durations in Australia, and the reasons behind this trend are as varied as the suburbs themselves.


Clarinda, Melbourne’s southeast – 24.4 years
With a median house price of $921,000, Clarinda is a suburb where residents are looking to settle down for an extended period. The community’s stability and amenities make it a popular choice for long-term living.

Vermont South, Melbourne’s east – 22.3 years
In Vermont South, demand far outstrips supply. The suburb has an average house price of $1,425,000 and has had only 23 houses available in the past month for about 2,000 interested buyers. The high demand and limited supply make it a place where homeowners are likely to stay for many years.

Arncliffe, Sydney’s south – 21.2 years
Arncliffe is another suburb where homeowners tend to hold onto their properties for over two decades. With an average selling price of $1,559,750, only 68 houses have been sold in the past year, indicating that residents are content with their living situation.

Monterey, Sydney’s south – 20.5 years
Monterey offers a steep entry bar with an average house price of $2,330,000. With only six freestanding properties available in the past month, it’s clear that those who manage to buy here are in it for the long term.

Springvale South, Melbourne’s southeast – 20.4 years
Springvale South is an attractive community for families seeking suburban life. With median house prices at $810,500, the area offers a more affordable option for long-term living compared to other Melbourne suburbs.


Carlton North, Melbourne’s inner-city – 20.7 years
Carlton North has an average unit price of $685,000, and with owners often staying for two decades or more, it’s evident that the suburb offers something special for long-term residents.


Cremorne Point, Sydney’s north – 17.2 years
Harbourside views are a significant draw in Cremorne Point, where the median unit cost is $1,450,000. The stunning vistas make it easy to understand why owners hold onto their apartments for an average of 17 years.

Kirribilli, Sydney’s inner-city – 16.4 years
In Kirribilli, being neighbours with the prime minister is a unique perk that residents aren’t eager to give up. Units in this suburb cost around $1,150,000, and owners tend to stay for a long time.

Narwee, Sydney’s south – 15.9 years
Narwee offers a more affordable entry point with a median unit price of $575,000. Despite the limited availability—only 29 units sold in the past 12 months—buyers are keen to get into this community.

Eastlakes, Sydney’s south – 15.9 years
Eastlakes is a small suburban neighbourhood where residents tend to stay for over 15 years. With a median unit price of $613,500, it offers a balanced mix of affordability and community benefits.

These suburbs show that long-term homeownership is not just about property values but also about community, amenities, and lifestyle. Whether it’s the allure of harbourside views, proximity to the city, or the promise of a stable community, these areas offer something that keeps residents rooted for decades.

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