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The backyard of mum and dad becomes Australia’s newest housing solution


As the cost of living skyrockets and housing prices soar, a novel housing trend is emerging in Australia. More and more adult children and their families are opting to move back in with their parents—into the backyard, not the main house. This innovative trend is redefining traditional family housing models.

In the past, many relied on the ‘bank of mum and dad’ for financial help to purchase their own homes. Today, the focus has shifted to utilising parents’ backyards as viable living spaces, according to Vito Russo, founder and CEO of VanHomes, Australia’s leading manufacturer of relocatable expanding homes.

“Australia’s ongoing housing affordability crisis has people thinking creatively. Backyards, once merely a space for leisure, are becoming practical housing solutions,” Russo explained.

Relocatable homes gain traction

The demand for relocatable homes is surging, as families seek creative ways to maximise the use of their parents’ or grandparents’ backyards. “VanHomes relocatable expanding homes are pioneering this rapidly evolving housing model,” said Russo. “They can be easily moved into any backyard with side access and offer a cost-effective and convenient alternative for families.”

These relocatable homes fall under the same legislative category as caravans in many parts of Australia, negating the need for council building approvals. “They range from small studios to three-bedroom properties, with prices starting at just $65,000, making them an incredibly affordable option,” Russo added.

Multi-generational benefits

The trend isn’t just beneficial for younger families. Some are installing these homes in their backyards to provide a nearby living option for their ageing parents. “This enables better care and support compared to sending them into aged care facilities,” Russo noted.

Russo believes that these relocatable expanding homes offer flexible solutions for a range of needs, be it a small home, granny flat, retirement housing or even home-office space. “As housing affordability remains a critical issue, the backyard of mum and dad is morphing into a realistic housing solution. With our versatile homes, families can enjoy the luxury of independence while also making financial savings,” Russo concluded.


Thus, as the affordability crisis persists, the backyard of mum and dad is becoming an increasingly popular and practical housing option. It offers a quick, affordable, and red-tape-free alternative, especially when options like those provided by VanHomes are considered. With these relocatable homes, families can maintain their independence while enjoying the comforts and financial benefits of multi-generational living.

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