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Modernise your home to attract millennial buyers, says interior design expert


To catch the eye of millennial homebuyers, property sellers should steer clear of outdated 1980s design elements, says Kellie Richardson, a leading interior designer.

Go neutral to cast a wider net

Richardson advocates for a neutral style palette to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in the home. “Your home needs to offer a neutral style to attract a broader range of people,” she advises.

Farewell to the 1980s

Design features popular in the 1980s, such as heavy furniture, dark woods, and specific patterns, could turn away modern buyers, particularly millennials. Richardson urges homeowners to ditch these dated elements, noting that millennials “can’t relate to the 80s.”

Coffee and cookies won’t cut it

Contrary to old-school home-selling tricks like brewing coffee or baking cookies to fill the home with a welcoming aroma, Richardson warns that these tactics are ineffective with millennial buyers. In fact, she notes that carbs have become almost a “swear word” among this demographic.

Embrace minimalism

Sellers should aim for a minimalist aesthetic, focusing on open spaces and avoiding large, bulky furniture. Garden art, such as decorative gnomes, should also be removed in favour of more simple and linear designs, says Richardson.

Good staging is invaluable

For those unsure about how to style their property, Richardson suggests seeking professional advice on staging. Effective staging can significantly boost a home’s sale price and is essential for highlighting its positive aspects while downplaying any negatives.

By heeding Richardson’s advice to modernise and ‘de-80ify’, property sellers may find it easier to attract the millennial market and get top dollar for their homes.

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