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Step into Sydney’s whimsical Flintstone-esque abode on the auction block


The unique and iconic residence known as the Hollander House in Sydney is catching eyes with its distinctive architecture, which likenesses to the dwellings of the beloved Flintstones and hobbit folk. Crafted in the formidable hands of architect David Hollander in the late 1960s, this remarkable home sees a blend of hand-formed ferro cement and curvaceous free-form design that echo the artistic intricacies of Antonio Gaudi’s works.

Laying serenely on a spacious block in Newport with sweeping ocean views, Hollander House is more than a visual spectacle. Inside, its whimsical character continues with gentle curves, an asymmetrical entry portal, sunken lounge, and three cozy bedrooms plus a study – all testament to a design that defies the ordinary.

The current guardians of this abode, graphic design studio owner Pieter Owen and his partner Michelle, acquired the property in 2015 for $1.4m and have since diligently enhanced the home’s fairytale narrative by adding three decks and a balcony, installing skylights, and revamping the kitchen with contemporary marble and a walk-in pantry, all without compromising its magical allure.

As Laura Mears of McGrath Pittwater muses, “The rooms are visually connected but there are also pools of privacy and the acoustics and insulation were fabulous.” It’s evident that this home is not just about appearance but also about the experience it offers to those who dwell within its walls.

Anticipation builds as the famous home is slated for auction with a guide price that matches its uniqueness at $2.25m. Considering its history, beautiful oceanic backdrop, and the harmonious blend of fantasy and practicality, the Hollander House is a rare real estate gem that is set to enchant both the market and potential homeowners with a taste for the extraordinary.

View the full listing here.

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