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Discover the latest trends in adaptable living with Luxaflex’s innovative window coverings


Australian lifestyles have rapidly evolved, leading to a demand for homes to accommodate more flexible and adaptable living spaces. Homeowners are increasingly seeking innovative design solutions to transform static areas into multifunctional rooms that can cater to a variety of activities, from working remotely and entertaining to creating restful retreats for guests.

Central to these versatile living spaces is the thoughtful integration of window coverings, as Vera Meharg, Marketing Communications Manager at Luxaflex Window Fashions, points out. “One of the key elements when designing a multipurpose room is the right choice of window covering,” she explains. Window dressings are not just decorative but also functional, enabling homeowners to partition or reveal zones as needed, while also adding an aesthetic touch to the room.

Luxaflex, a leading expert in window fashion, shares key considerations for designing spaces like guest suites and home offices that serve multiple purposes. A guest or in-law suite, for instance, must be easily convertible to maximize its use. Luxaflex® Chloe Sheer Curtains, positioned behind built-in arches, can switch a daytime lounge area to a private sleeping quarter at night. “Envisioning how a room will be used is the starting point for a multi-functional room,” Vera advises. These curtains offer a practical design element that harmonizes with a neutral palette to create a serene sanctuary.

The traditional home office has also undergone a transformation as more people work from home. The challenge of limited space calls for creative approaches, such as repurposing dining tables or kitchen counters as desks. The right window treatments can enhance these make-shift workspaces. “Natural light and the right window treatments will help to maximise the space and play a big role in creating not only a pleasing atmosphere for when you’re not working but a productive one for when you are,” Vera states. Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades offer light and privacy control, with soft, curved horizontal fabric vanes that allow for adjustable lighting and distraction-free work environments.

Luxaflex also caters to the much-loved Australian indoor-outdoor living style with their Luxaflex® Lumishade® Window Coverings, which marry the functionality of a vertical blind with the softness of window furnishings. “When defining an indoor-outdoor space, it’s important to think about how the doorway is used for everyday living, and make sure that window furnishing choices are not only about aesthetics but are functional as well,” Vera highlights, reinforcing the need for design choices that serve both practicality and style.

Adapting homes to suit the changing needs of today involves intelligent and aesthetic choices in window coverings. Luxaflex stands at the forefront of this movement, providing Australian homeowners with innovative solutions to live, work, and relax in comfort and style.

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