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Exploring the elegance of curves in modern home design


The latest trends in home design are a blend of comfort and drama, and the newest sensation sweeping Australian homes is the allure of curves. The once sharp edges and square-set ceilings of yesteryear are giving way to smoother shapes and flowing forms, infusing homes with a contemporary yet timeless appeal. This trend isn’t just about aesthetics. As Renee McGinty, General Manager – Marketing at CSR Gyprock, explains, “Curves can bring an interesting contrast to an interior’s architecture,” highlighting the transformation of typical spaces into extraordinary settings with just a touch of curvaceous detailing.

The power of curves lies in their versatility. They can be subtly incorporated into the structure of a home or stand out as bold focal points. For instance, curved staircases or features like arched doorways not only add visual interest, but they also lend a space a certain grandeur and fluidity that’s both sophisticated and soothing.

While curves are on trend in all areas of the house, we are particularly seeing them incorporated into kitchens and bathrooms, where the soft edges can convey a sense of luxury and calm Renee McGinty

CSR Gyprock is leading the way with innovative solutions like Gyprock Flexible, a plasterboard product designed to effortlessly achieve curved forms. McGinty reassures homeowners that creating impressive features isn’t necessarily exorbitant or complex, as she points out, “There are building products on the market that allow homeowners to get the architectural wow factor they are looking for without huge investment”.

One standout showcase of curved design was seen on The Block 2023, where contestants Leah and Ash presented a stunning scalloped ceiling in their master bedroom, achieved using the malleable characteristics of Gyprock Flexible. Not only did it transform the room, but it also demonstrated the architectural significance that ceilings can embrace.

The trend extends beyond ceilings, with creative solutions such as arched insets in bathrooms or kitchens offering a cohesive and elegant design language throughout a house. For instance, during The Block 2023, Kyle and Leslie skillfully integrated arches into the wall between their bedroom and walk-in robe, using lighting to emphasize the shape and adding a layer of detail that resonated with the home’s soft colour palette.

In essence, the infusion of curves into the kitchen and bathroom spaces conveys a luxurious and calming ambiance, as McGinty notes, “While curves are on trend in all areas of the house, we are particularly seeing them incorporated into kitchens and bathrooms, where the soft edges can convey a sense of luxury and calm”.


Moreover, curved island benches have become a popular choice for a bespoke kitchen look, as seen in Kyle and Leslie’s design which incorporated an arch in their kitchen island that echoed the curved motifs throughout their home. They proved that materials like Gyprock Flexible, when combined with creative design touches, can elevate a simple space to an eye-catching showcase.

This developing trend underscores the evolving preferences of homeowners and designers alike – with Gyprock at the forefront, providing the materials that help to translate the vision of luxurious, curved designs into reality. Whether it’s through subtle touches or dramatic statements, the future of home design seems set to continue bending towards the elegance of curves.

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