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Revamped Playboy Mansion seeks to dazzle again: Billionaire heir’s 7-year, $10M facelift


In a move that fuses luxury with nostalgia, the iconic Playboy Mansion is undergoing a transformative makeover seven years after its acquisition by billionaire heir Daren Metropoulos. Though the estimated $10 million renovation project is already four years in the making, an exclusive peek by the Daily Mail reveals that the stately Los Angeles residence is far from finished.

Having forked out $100 million for the 29-room mansion, Metropoulos, an entrepreneurial force, aims to reshape the property into a modern haven while retaining its storied heritage. Nestled in the plush expanse of Holmby Hills, near the famed Beverly Hills, the mansion’s lore is as substantial as its architecture. It was initially listed at a whopping $200 million, but the deal clinched by Metropoulos came with a unique arrangement: Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner, could live out his remaining days on the property, a term that ended with his passing in September 2017.

Perhaps triggering the need for renovation were complaints about the mansion’s wear and tear and an aesthetic firmly rooted in the 1980s, as captured by Playmate Carla Howe’s sentiments to The Sun. Now, under Metropoulos’s direction, and with acclaimed architect Richard Landry at the helm—whose clientele includes celebrities like Tom Brady, Giselle BĂĽndchen, Mark Wahlberg, and Kylie Jenner—the Playboy Mansion is slated for a renaissance.

The plans are ambitious: Metropoulos seeks to merge the Playboy Mansion with his adjacent property, creating an enviable 7.3-acre compound. The two properties’ unity dates back to 2009 when Metropoulos bought the neighboring house from Hefner and his then-wife Kimberly Conrad for a cool $18 million as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

Renovation highlights at the Playboy Mansion, set of the famed TV show “The Girls Next Door,” are extensive, ranging from a 4,400-square-foot extension of the main house to the construction of a fresh basement, a modern guesthouse, and high-end amenities including a golf simulator and a solarium. A sprawling 18,000-foot palace waits to emerge, boasting renovated kitchens, baths, family rooms, and guest suites.

Metropoulos, known alternately as the “Twinkie King” for his past ownership of Hostess Brands and for his stint as co-CEO of Pabst Brewing, has expressed his vision for the estate. “I look forward to eventually rejoining the two estates and enjoying this beautiful property as my private residence for years to come,” he shared with the Wall Street Journal.

Despite its current state of flux, the legendary Playboy Mansion, which has hosted celebrities and dignitaries—including Donald Trump, who shot an episode of “The Apprentice” at the mansion, and John Lennon, infamously associated with the burning of an original Matisse—continues to captivate the imagination, promising to re-emerge as a beacon of luxury and the epicenter of opulent living.

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