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Uncover the opulence of Mozart’s historic connection: Schloss Stuppach set for auction


In a blend of historical elegance and musical pedigree, Schloss Stuppach, an Austrian castle known for its connection to the illustrious composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, is to be presented for auction. Mozart’s association with the castle lies in his commission to compose the “Requiem in D minor” by the 18th-century resident, Count Franz Anton Walsegg.

This monumental structure, housing a remarkable 50 rooms, previously cradled the original manuscript of Mozart’s famed “Requiem”. The priceless piece remained in the castle until 1830 before transitioning to the care of the Austrian National Library. Not just a treasure trove of history, the manuscript of “Requiem” is among the world’s most high-priced musical documents, once assured for a monumental $7.97 million.

The splendour of Schloss Stuppach is not only in its illustrious history but also in its architectural grandeur. With origins tracing back to 1130, subsequent enhancements in the 15th and 17th centuries have bestowed the estate with a rich amalgamation of medieval, renaissance, and baroque aesthetics. Despite a previous market listing at $12.1 million, the castle goes to auction with an estimated price range between $4.31 and $10.85 million.

Nestled within a verdant park near Gloggnitz, the estate boasts nearly 27,000 square feet of luxurious living space. Among its features are four bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and opulent touches including a movie theater, a well-stocked library, a spiritual chapel, and even a historical dungeon.

The residence also parades an array of antique furnishings, intricate millwork, lavish crystal chandeliers, and traditional wood-burning fireplaces, all lying atop the parquet wood flooring that spreads across the castle.

Dubbed as “Mozart’s Last Castle” by previous owners, Schloss Stuppach has hosted an array of small businesses within its walls. These enterprises, including a club salon, an experience theater, and a concert program venue, are all inclusive within the sale.

With a narrative deeply interwoven with Mozart’s final composition and an architectural legacy that spans across centuries, the auction of Schloss Stuppach offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own a piece of music and cultural history.


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