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November’s Real Estate Roundup: Julia Roberts’ Swift Sale, Katy Perry’s Court Triumph, and Rihanna’s Luxe Acquisition

  1. Julia Roberts Sells San Francisco Home: Julia Roberts, known for her keen interest in prime real estate, made a substantial profit selling her Presidio Heights home for $11.25 million, after purchasing it in 2020 for $8.3 million. This sale adds to her portfolio, which includes properties across the United States, such as a historic home in New York City and a picturesque beachfront property in Hawaii.
  2. Sylvester Stallone’s LA Mansion Sale: Sylvester Stallone’s sale of his LA mansion to John Fogerty for $17.2 million, at a loss, is part of his extensive real estate journey. Previously, Stallone has owned several high-profile properties, including a stunning Beverly Hills estate and a vacation home in Palm Springs.
  3. Robin Williams’ San Francisco Home Listed: Marsha Garces Williams has listed the Sea Cliff home she shared with Robin Williams for $25 million. Robin Williams’ real estate history included a stunning Napa Valley vineyard estate, which was a reflection of his love for serene and private locations.
  4. Katy Perry’s Legal Win Over Montecito Mansion: Katy Perry’s triumph in securing her $15 million Montecito mansion adds to her impressive real estate portfolio. Previously, she has been involved in notable transactions, including the sale of her Hollywood Hills home and a high-profile legal battle over a convent in Los Angeles.
  5. Matt Damon’s Former Miami Beach Mansion for Sale: Matt Damon’s former Miami Beach home, now part of a $65 million listing, is a continuation of his real estate ventures. Damon has previously owned properties in various locations, including Los Angeles and New York, showcasing his preference for luxury homes in exclusive areas.
  6. Mark Wahlberg Sells Las Vegas Home: Mark Wahlberg’s $16.6 million sale of his Las Vegas property is the latest in his real estate ventures. He has owned several impressive properties, including a Beverly Park mansion and a multi-million dollar estate in Beverly Hills, indicating his taste for grand and luxurious homes.
  7. Alex Rodriguez’s Real Estate Success: Alex Rodriguez’s successful flip of a Star Island lot for $45.5 million adds to his history of savvy real estate dealings. Previously, A-Rod has made headlines with his purchases and sales of luxury properties, including a modern mansion in Coral Gables and a contemporary home in Los Angeles.
  8. Matthew Perry’s Former Penthouse Now Owned by Rihanna: Rihanna purchasing Matthew Perry’s former penthouse for $21 million marks another high-profile transaction for Perry. He has been involved in several significant real estate deals, including selling his Malibu beach house and a Century City condo, reflecting his preference for upscale, modern living spaces.
  9. Sugar Ray Leonard’s Mansion Re-listed: Sugar Ray Leonard’s decision to re-list his Pacific Palisades mansion for $46.5 million follows his history of residing in upscale properties. Leonard, a boxing legend, has been known for his taste in luxurious homes, reflective of his successful career in the ring.
  10. Suzanne Somers’ Iconic Palm Springs Home: Suzanne Somers’ sale of her Palm Springs estate in 2021 was a highlight in her real estate ventures. She has been known for her unique taste in properties, including a multi-level home in Malibu and various other residences, showcasing her preference for unique and scenic locations.

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