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Real estate Institute of Australia welcomes first all-female executive team with a new president at the helm


For the first time in its history, the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) is leading the way with an all-female leadership team, ushering in a momentous era for the industry. This significant announcement was made following the organization’s Annual General Meeting, where Leanne Pilkington from New South Wales was instated as the new REIA President, and Hannah Gill, based in Canberra, commenced her role as REIA Deputy President.

The already influential leadership is further bolstered by Anna Neelagama, who continues her tenure as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of REIA. With this historic change, Ms. Pilkington expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “I am honored to take on board this leadership position to work for all Real Estate Institutes and practitioners. It is truly exciting to lead a historic all-female leadership team as we approach REIA’s centennial year in 2024.”

Acknowledging the century-long legacy of the institution, she shared her vision, “Our focus remains on unity, innovation, and setting the industry on a trajectory for success for the next 100 years and in the near term delivering on the REIA 2025 strategy.” She also paid homage to the outgoing REIA President Hayden Groves for his impressive work and contributions that fortified the institute’s advocacy and government relations, as well as to Damian Collins from Western Australia for his unwavering commitment to the board.

The new lineup also welcomes Richard Simpson assuming the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee Chair. Joe White will be stepping into the role vacated by Collins representing Western Australia and Pete Matthews will be joining as the New South Wales Director.

Peering into the near future, Ms. Pilkington stressed REIA’s continued dedication to grappling with housing affordability issues by concentrating on increasing housing supply. She assured, “Our goal is to provide vital information that will positively influence the industry and, indeed, all Australians whether they are tenants, homeowners, first time buyers and property investors.”

This landmark leadership transition sets a precedent within the industry and is a step toward a broader representation in influential roles, promising a dynamic future for the real estate sector as it heads towards its centennial celebrations.

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