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Aussies say yes to higher mortgage rates for a faster track to home ownership


The quintessential Australian dream of home ownership appears to be enduring even in the face of daunting financial realities, according to findings in Pepper Money’s Money Mindset Report – Borrower Knowledge Gap. The report reveals a startling preparedness among Australians to shoulder steeper mortgage rates if that expedites their journey to owning a home.

The desire for a place to call one’s own has not waned, with an overwhelming 89 percent of participants in the study upholding the notion of home ownership as a fundamental piece of the Australian dream. This aspiration, however, collides with the realities of economic pressures as property prices escalate and interest rates show no signs of a downward trend.

While the dream persists, the pathway to achieving it is marred with uncertainty. A potent illustration of the disconnect between aspirations and practical understanding is that a mere one in five Australians possess confidence about when they might accumulate enough savings for a home deposit.

Mario Rehayem, CEO of Pepper Money, stressed the dissonance by commenting, “saving for your deposit is an important part of the home ownership journey, but our research shows that many are doing so without understanding how much is actually enough.” Rehayem pointed to the volatile economic climate, particularly the alarming cash rate hikes within the past year and a half, as a significant source of confusion for prospective homebuyers.

The report further uncovered that more than half of the respondents would willingly consent to higher mortgage rates for a chance to secure a home loan more promptly, exemplifying the depth of their home-buying desire. However, the anxiety of not obtaining a desired loan amount persists, with 52 percent feeling uncertain about their ability to secure a loan.

In a striking reflection on the current sentiment towards the home-buying process, Rehayem observed, “When it feels like the goalposts are constantly moving, it can be hard to measure how far along in your home ownership journey you really are.” He also acknowledged the paradoxical narrative that portrays home ownership as increasingly elusive, stating, “It’s understandable that Australians may feel that they are stuck in a never-ending savings cycle.”

These insights from Pepper Money’s report could serve as a call to action for financial institutions to address the knowledge gap and mitigate the uncertainties faced by Australians on the quest to own their home in a rapidly shifting economic landscape.

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