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Iconic Positano villa, a retreat for Italian intellectuals, hits the market for 26 million euros


Perched above the mesmerising, azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, an exquisite piece of Italian history—the villa that famously hosted the crème de la crème of the 20th-century intellectual elite—is now available for purchase. This esteemed property, entrusted exclusively to Lionard Luxury Real Estate, carries a significant legacy, further enriched by its astounding asking price of 26 million euros.

This remarkable estate, comprising more than 800 sqm of living space, is poised majestically on the prestigious Amalfi Coast, a region renowned for its breathtaking beauty and cultural significance. The villa is accompanied by an independent apartment and a guest house, all enveloped by a 700 sqm expanse of picturesque outdoor areas.

The villa’s rich heritage is emblematic of the area’s allure, captivating figures such as Roberto Olivetti, Sergio Vacchi, Inge Feltrinelli, and Alberto Moravia. It’s no wonder this enclave became a hotspot for the famous receptions of the ’70s and ’80s. Moravia, enamoured by the beauty of the Amalfi Coast, described it as “a dream that doesn’t seem real,” reflecting the enchantment shared by many who have been lucky enough to call this place a temporary home.

Built in the 1960s and standing high upon the coast, the villa promises privacy and unmediated access to the sparkling sea below. It is the jewel of Positano, dazzlingly crafted with superior materials—iron, brass, and majolica—painstakingly curated from Italian artisans. The property, renovated with care and precision, presents a splendid array of hand-painted tiles that breathe life and creativity into each space.

Outdoors, the amenities are just as luxuriant. Meandering pathways invite you through lemon tree gardens, barbecue areas, and a fitness zone—each a space designed for serenity and relaxation. For those who seek it, the sea awaits, whether for a refreshing dip or an embarkation point for coastal exploration, supported by a private dockyard.

Lionard Luxury Real Estate S.p.A., a preeminent player in Italy’s PropTech ultra-luxury real estate scene, has been selected to manage the sale of this truly unparalleled villa—a testament to the firm’s esteemed reputation and expertise in luxury properties. Those interested in owning a slice of Amalfi Coast’s heaven and a piece of cultural history will find more details on Lionard’s website. This villa is not just a residence – it’s a testament to Italian excellence, a sanctuary of intellect, and now, a chance to own a dream that, indeed, does seem real.

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