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REIQ welcomes new regional voices to amplify Queensland’s real estate sector


The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) has made a significant stride in bolstering representation across the state’s diverse property landscapes with the appointment of 16 Zone Chairs. These local influencers are poised to serve for the 2024-2025 term, set to commence on 1 January 2024, and play a pivotal role in conveying the unique real estate market conditions throughout Queensland’s largest markets.

Antonia Mercorella, CEO of REIQ, extended her congratulations to the newly appointed Chairs, acknowledging the importance of their contributions in ensuring that local real estate dynamics are accurately reflected and addressed. “Queensland has such a highly decentralised population, and so by nature is home to a series of quite different real estate markets,” said Ms Mercorella, noting the necessity of these appointments in capturing the diverse market conditions across the state.

The Zone Chairs will function as the local embodiment of REIQ throughout Queensland, fundamentally ensuring that every major real estate market within the state has dedicated regional representation. Ms Mercorella highlighted, “They are an integral part of the chain, representing their real estate community’s needs to us and sharing our vision with our members.”

The incoming cohort includes both seasoned and first-term appointees such as Samantha Ellis for Brisbane Northern Suburbs, Christie Smith for Brisbane Southern Suburbs/Logan, and Scott Lachmund for Caboolture/Redcliffe, among others. These individuals are set to become the local ambassadors and regional voices for their real estate communities.

In the same announcement, the REIQ expressed gratitude towards former Zone Chairs, including Brendan Whipps, Rebecca Herbst, Kirrilli Cobley, James Brown, and Alicia Williams, recognizing their unwavering dedication and support during their service.

The strategic appointments affirm REIQ’s commitment to delivering localized insights and fostering strong connections across Queensland’s varied property sectors. With the latest lineup of Zone Chairs, the organization looks to keep its finger on the pulse of each region, ensuring that the unique needs and trends of Queensland’s real estate markets are effectively voiced and addressed.

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