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Discover the design secrets behind Alisa and Lysandra’s stunning twin homes


Australia’s interior design aficionados are abuzz as The Block champions, Alisa and Lysandra, unveil their latest “Design Duo” project, in which the talented twins have created side-by-side family homes in Somerton Park, South Australia’s charming seaside suburb. Each sister took on the challenge of designing and constructing their own abode on a generously sized 900-square-metre block ÔÇô a “Twin Off” with a twist that allowed their individual design preferences to shine.

“We had a great opportunity to acquire a larger block and embark upon a subdivision project, allowing me to build my family home on one side, and LysandraÔÇÖs on the other,” commented Alisa on the endeavour. Their crafted exterior exudes curb appeal, but it’s on the inside where the magic truly unfolds. These homes, identical in size, diverge into unique sanctuaries that personify the sisters’ distinct style paradigms ÔÇô Alisa’s home breathes a tranquil Japandi essence, while Lysandra’s residence exudes a luxurious and contemporary atmosphere.

Despite their contrasting interior designs, Alisa and Lysandra shared a common vision for quality and timelessness, particularly when it came to window dressings. “Selecting the right window coverings can really make or break a space,” Alisa revealed. Their choice of Luxaflex┬« window dressings was instrumental, providing high-quality aesthetics and functional benefits like light control, privacy, and temperature regulation.

Alisa’s Japandi-inspired home showcases Luxaflex┬« Sheer curtains that align perfectly with the minimalist and natural ambiance of the style. Lysandra’s home, designed with boldness and luxury in mind, contrasts modern decor with the soft elegance of Luxaflex┬« Sheer curtains teamed with Luxaflex┬« Duette┬« Shades for the perfect balance of privacy and energy efficiency.

The ensuite bathroom in LysandraÔÇÖs home is a captivating showcase of bold design choices, where Luxaflex┬« Pirouette┬« Shadings play a pivotal role. Lysandra praised their functionality: “They allow natural light to filter into the room and for complete privacy, the contoured fabric vanes can be flattened and closed.”

In both designs, large-scale doors dressed with Luxaflex┬« window coverings forge a harmonious link to outdoor spaces. The Luxaflex┬« Evo MagnaTrack┬« Awning particularly caught Lysandra’s eye, calling it “a serious game changer in our design,” for its ability to merge indoor and outdoor living.

The twins’ outdoor areas also enjoyed equal attention to detail. Alisa’s features an integrated bar and poolside luxuries, while a mindful selection of greenery and materials binds together the indoor-outdoor aesthetic. “The most satisfying aspect of the design has been the successful integration of Luxaflex products, which have seamlessly complemented our distinct design visions,” Alisa enthused, particularly highlighting the convenience and energy efficiency provided by motorised Luxaflex┬« blinds.


In crafting these two unique homes, Alisa and Lysandra have masterfully demonstrated how window dressings not only serve as an interior design element but are instrumental in creating comfortable, stylish, and functional living spaces, reflecting their design styles and enhancing the quality of life within their own walls.

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