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Find your perfect family haven: top suburbs for upsizing revealed


In a bid to assist Australians in their quest for more living space without forgoing the financial prudence that homeownership demands, Property Credit has unveiled a vital new report titled, “Dream Bigger: The Ultimate Guide to the Top 3 Suburbs for Upsizing in 50 Diverse Areas.” Recognised as an indispensable resource, this report is especially catered to suit the needs of those seeking to expand their living quarters across the country.

“Dream Bigger” emerges as a detailed roadmap tailored for families and individuals eyeing a switch to larger abodes amidst an array of neighbourhoods. Giordano Stepancic, the Chief Executive Officer of Property Credit, emphasized the report’s significance, saying, “Our latest report is a vital resource for anyone considering upsizing. We’ve meticulously analysed and distilled the data to pinpoint suburbs that offer the perfect blend of space, affordability and community quality, addressing the real needs of Australian home buyers.”

The thoroughness of the report’s methodology is one of its strongest aspects, beginning with the careful handpicking of suburbs based on the volume of listings and median asking prices. The evaluation further delves into a comprehensive scoring system, considering the Buyer Index, affordability metrics, the ratio of completely owned properties, and socioeconomic standings, ensuring a well-rounded perspective on each suburb’s prospects for those wanting to upsize.

Adding further detail on the unique approach, Stepancic remarked, “We understand that upsizing is more than just moving to a bigger property; it’s about finding the right environment for families to thrive. Our scoring system is designed to uncover suburbs that offer this balance.”

In a real estate landscape where value and inventory fluctuate rapidly, the “Dream Bigger” report distinguishes itself as a transparent, evidence-based beacon for individuals enveloped by the intricacies of moving to a larger space. It aims to dispel the fog of uncertainty, equipping homebuyers with the vital data required to make well-informed choices.

“Dream Bigger” is not just a guide; it’s an affirmation of Property Credit’s commitment to simplifying property transactions. Stepancic concluded with a statement that encapsulates this ethos: “At Property Credit, our mission is to streamline property transactions. This report is a testament to that mission, offering Australians the essential insights they need to confidently progress in their home ownership journey.”

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