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Unveiled: The alarming truth lurking in Aussie bathroom towels


As the new year rolls in, many people embrace the tradition of a thorough clean in their homes. A startling new insight, however, has emerged regarding the hygiene practices of over 1 million UK residents who admit to only washing their bathroom towels once a year. Despite recommendations that towels should be laundered after every three uses, a study conducted by Showers to You involving 2,200 participants reveals a concerning disregard for bathroom cleanliness among many.

The survey’s key findings paint a grim picture of towel hygiene in the UK: 3% of those surveyed – representing 1,595,646 individuals – confessed to an annual towel wash routine. Alarmingly, nearly 1 in 10 (8%) only wash their bathroom towels twice a year, which implicates over 4 million people (4,255,056). Meanwhile, a third of respondents (33%) limit their towel washing to just once every three months, implying that over 17 million people (17,552,107) could be following the same practice.

Diving deeper into demographics, the survey discovered that men are five times more likely to wash their towels only once a year compared to women, with 5% of male participants acknowledging this habit against a mere 1% of female participants.

However, it’s not all dire news. The study also found that a significant number of respondents maintain better washing routines, with 38% washing their towels monthly, 24% weekly, and an impressive 5% daily.

Martin Smith, founder of Showers to You, expressed concern over the findings, stating, “The bathroom should in theory be one of the cleanest rooms in the home, however our research shows that many people across the country could be ignoring a key step in ensuring proper bathroom hygiene.” He further stressed the importance of adhering to a regular washing schedule as advised by health professionals.

The research uncovered that visual cleanliness (67%) is the most common prompt for people to wash their towels, followed by odour concerns (61%) and the number of uses at 58%. Notably, 15% of respondents said they would wait until the towels have stiffened with grime before washing them. This lax approach to hygiene is contrasted by the guidance from health authorities, including the NHS, which warns that infrequently washed towels can be vectors for germ transmission.

Offering a professional perspective, Dermatologist Dr. Hamdan Abdullah Hamed MBChB, cautions, “Regular washing of bathroom towels is important to maintain cleanliness and reduce the risk of infections.” He emphasizes the dangers of bacterial and fungal buildup in damp towels and advises laundering towels after every three to four uses.


This eye-opening report places a spotlight on the essential yet often overlooked practice of towel hygiene and serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining cleanliness in our daily lives.

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