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Discover 2024’s hottest interior styling trends with Justine Wilson


As we step into 2024, Justine Wilson has unveiled the top styling trends that are expected to revolutionise our homes. Pioneering a fresh wave of design, Wilson spotlights four distinct movements that encapsulate both the vibrant and the understated, ensuring there’s something to suit every taste.

Taking a leap from muted palettes, Wilson anticipates a “Vibrant Renaissance” marked by the triumphant return of bold colours. This year, expect to see living spaces awash with “bold and striking hues,” as Wilson points out. Vivid paints and colourful furniture accents will inject energy into homes, while playfully combining primary shades with pastels to craft visually captivating environments.

On the flip side, the future is also looking “Clean, sparse” for those who appreciate the beauty in brevity, with the rise of ultra-minimalism. Wilson envisions interiors where “sharp lines and minimal decorative elements” create serene and focused spaces. This move towards minimalist design echoes the rise of more compact living spaces, pushing the boundaries of functionality while maintaining an air of sophistication.

For the more opulently inclined, Wilson draws upon the splendor of historic estates for the “ultra-maximalism” trend. According to Wilson, this movement is about “an exuberant mix of patterns, art-filled walls, and an eclectic array of furnishings,” serving as a playground for self-expression through diverse and vibrant interiors.

Returning to roots, “Pioneer Chic” emerges as a nod to the rustic charm of settler homesteads. Wilson describes this trend with evocations of “weathered wood, vintage ceramics, and utilitarian furnishings,” reviving a homely aesthetic interwoven with authenticity and a connection to nature.

Looking at these exciting new trends, Wilson’s predictions offer a map to the varied design landscapes we can expect to see in homes throughout 2024. These directions extend a wide embrace, from personalization to functionality, ensuring the transformation of living spaces with new dimensions of style and comfort.

For those eager to infuse their homes with a dash of this forward-thinking design philosophy, further styling tips and inspiration can be found on Wilson’s Vault Interiors website at

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