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Step inside California’s historic Green Gables estate: a luxurious glimpse into the past, now for sale


Nestled within the picturesque landscape of Woodside, California, lies a true gem of architectural and historical significance—the illustrious Green Gables estate. Known for its rich heritage, this monumental estate encapsulates the grandeur of early 20th-century design and luxury. With a sprawling 74 acres of verdant gardens, woodlands, and sumptuous residences, Green Gables remains one of California’s most notable and interesting estates.

Originally established as the summer retreat for the prominent Fleishhacker family, San Francisco entrepreneurs who thrived following the tumultuous 1906 earthquake, Green Gables resonates with stories of prolific ambition and refined taste. The estate, still within the family and now hitting the market at an impressive $110 million offers a rare opportunity to own a slice of Californian legacy.

The founding vision of Green Gables was inspired by the Fleishhacker family’s trip to England and their appreciation of thatched-roof homesteads. It blossomed into an embodiment of opulent leisure, with the family pooling their resources—stemming from successful pursuits in paper, electricity, and banking industries—to create a sanctuary that appears at one with the surrounding landscape.

Architectural mastery is evident throughout the estate, courtesy of the collaborative genius of Mortimer Fleishhacker, Sr. and Charles Sumner Greene from the renowned firm Greene and Greene. Their commitment to natural integration is showcased by several pioneering features, including gunite exterior walls, a large free-form swimming pool, and a shingle roof meticulously designed to mirror the thatched roofs so admired by the family.

As the years rolled by, Green Gables expanded, adding a total of seven homes along with its other grand structures, concluding with the final home construction in 1970. The estate’s Roman-style pool, comparable in size to a football field, is just one of the many luxurious facets that make Green Gables truly breathtaking.

Beyond its physical allure, the estate has also served as the backdrop for significant events and hosted a distinguished roster of guests, from European royal figures to influential political and business leaders. The United Nations even chose Green Gables for its 20th-anniversary celebration in 1965, further cementing its place in both global and local history.

Today, Green Gables stands not only as an unparalleled family compound but also as a potential corporate retreat close to the burgeoning Silicon Valley. It’s a treasure trove for historians, architectural connoisseurs, and those seeking documentation, with extensive archives housed at the College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley.


This historical marvel has been entrusted to Mauricio Umansky of The Agency, who now ushers in the next chapter of Green Gables’ illustrious narrative.

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