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The top 10 personal investments for 2023 – real estate makes the cut!


In a fascinating expose of American investment trends for 2023, new research has crowned gold as the most sought-after personal investment avenue. The study, brilliantly carried out by the financial masters at The Lazy Trader, pinpoints the hottest commodities through the lens of Google search data, amalgamating terms like ‘investment tips’ with various investment types to gauge public interest.

With an impressive monthly search volume of 1,191,827, gold glistens at the top, its allure strengthened by the current economic climate. “Gold can be a reliable long-term investment and outperform other assets like properties and different equities as it is easier to liquidate,” the report states, noting its tax benefits and remarkable price stability in 2023.

Trailing not too far behind, silver clinches the second spot with 677,527 monthly searches. It’s not just a more affordable option than gold; it tackles inflation head-on. The general consensus is that silver is becoming an increasingly scarce commodity due, in part, to a downtrend in mining activities since 2015.

Oil, indispensable and constantly in demand globally, seized third place with 588,808 searches. As fossil fuel reserves dwindle, oil’s value skyrockets, showcasing significant profit potential.

Natural gas and forex markets are awarded fourth and fifth place respectively—the former with 150,880 monthly searches for its eco-friendly and cost-effective charm, and the latter with 85,112 searches, favored for its round-the-clock operation and high liquidity.

It’s real estate, however, that has emerged as the sixth most popular investment choice, attracting 81,397 searches monthly. “Investing in real estate can be an easy money maker with incomes from rent and profit generated by certain business activities that take place on the invested property,” the study reveals, emphasizing its potential for steady cash flow and increasing equity.

The list continues with copper, options, penny stocks, and platinum making up the seventh to tenth ranks. Each carries its unique set of virtues, be it copper’s essential role in renewable energies or options trading’s control and reduced financial commitment.


Providing expert insight, Robert Colville, CEO of The Lazy Trader, deliberates over the intricacies of personal investments:

“When it comes to choosing the right personal investment for yourself, it can be difficult weighing up the pros and cons. It is important to be well educated on where you invest your money, as some methods will be more successful than others; make sure you have conducted extensive research and remain aware of what your choice of investments will entail.”

He further advises on the importance of cautious investment in a fluctuating economy:

“It is interesting to see which investments Americans are most eager to try and learn more about. With an unpredictable economy and the constant changes in prices of stocks and commodities, people should be warier of fluctuations in these environments and ensure they put their money into a reliable form of personal investment.”

This insightful ranking provides a snapshot of where individuals are directing their capital this year, and the continuing evolution of personal investment preferences.

RankInvestmentAverage Monthly Search Volume
4Natural Gas150,880
6Real Estate81,397
9Penny Stocks41,351

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