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Enhance your living space: tips on choosing indoor plants for apartments


With the rising popularity of greening our indoor environments for their aesthetic, health, and culinary benefits, the team of designers and home stagers at Colife Global have offered valuable insights into selecting the perfect plants for apartment living. Here’s how to harness the power of plants to beautify your home, improve air quality, and even contribute to your kitchen.

“Plants are a fundamental and very important element of decor,” highlighted designer Nata from Colife Global. According to the professionals, plants are not just a vibrant element of contemporary interior design, but also a means to create an eco-friendly, distinctive, and comfortable home atmosphere. They can reduce airborne toxins, enhance air quality, and offer aromatherapeutic benefits. Some even double up as a fresh source of flavours for home-cooked meals and beverages.

Among the preferred species are the resilience-expert spider plant, the toxin-absorbing snake plant, and the air-purifying chamaedorea palm. Immersive herb gardens and fruit-bearing plants in hanging gardens or balconies can infuse the space with aroma and contribute to cooking, with top picks like mint, rosemary, basil, melissa (lemon balm), and even citrus plants.

“When picking plants, the key is to use natural materials and avoid artificiality,” explained Nata, stressing the importance of selecting plants that adapt to a home’s aesthetic. The suitability of various plants ranges from the large-leaved monstera for spacious visual appeal to smaller, drought-resistant types like ZZ plants and aspidistra for those less inclined towards plant maintenance.

Victoria, a designer from Colife Istanbul, counsels a cautious approach when introducing plants into a home, particularly considering potential allergies, the plant’s toxicity, and the living conditions of children and pets. She also delved into the nuances of choosing plants based on the availability of light and space within the home. For instance, the monstera with its sizeable foliage is more shade-tolerant and suitable for dimly lit spaces. She also offered practical advice, such as giving plants showers and repotting annually.

Aspects such as plant care, the importance of safe plant varieties, and even the pot’s aesthetic contribution are significant factors to ponder when selecting the best indoor plant companions. With their practical guidance, the experts at Colife Global demonstrate how indoor plants can significantly enrich apartment living, while also noting the importance of plant safety and care for long-lasting benefits.

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