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The emblematic Aussie backyard swimming pool remains a symbol of domestic bliss, as a recent analysis unveiled that the vast majority of suburbs featuring a high number of properties with pools are actually coastal. This finding, while intuitively counterintuitive, suggests a trend of homeowners valuing the convenience of private pools despite the proximity to beachside amenities.

Interestingly, out of the top ten suburbs boasting the most home swimming pools, eight were coastal, all within a 20-minute journey to the shore, while only two were located in inland areas. Given the hefty price tag associated with pool installation, ranging from $35,000 to $100,000, the decision to opt for a pool over other property enhancements such as granny flats raises questions about consumer preferences and property value perception.

The value increment a swimming pool brings to a property typically matches at least the investment made in its construction. However, the specific influence on house prices exceeds the complexity of raw numbers. “Swimming pools generally increase the value of a home at a minimum by the amount they cost to build,” though it’s hard to determine the precise long-term benefits when numerous factors play into property valuation.

Despite the unpredictability of market returns on swimming pools, their popularity doesn’t wane, with nearly 300,000 more Australians having access to a pool since 2018. Property listing websites have seen ‘swimming pool’ as a leading search term for four consecutive years, suggesting strong buyer interest. According to Ray White auction data, houses that attract more purchasers, such as those with swimming pools, “creates stronger competition at auction,” potentially increasing sales prices and clearance rates.

The statistics are reflective of the country’s diverse climates, with an astounding 45% of all listings featuring a pool in the Northern Territory over the past two years, compared to a mere 3% in Tasmania—the nation’s coldest state.

This information, while painting a broad picture of the swimming pool’s standing in the Australian home market, prompts a richer conversation about lifestyle choices, property investment strategies, and the dynamic between natural amenities and the desire for private leisure facilities.

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