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RBA remains cautious on interest rate changes, says finance brokers’ chief


As discussions surface about the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) potential move to cut interest rates, the managing director of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia, Peter White AM, has suggested that while a reduction would be welcomed by borrowers, it remains an unlikely outcome at present.

Peter White emphasized the importance of long-term planning over short-term relief. “We all want to see rates come down and mortgage holders desperately need it, but the last thing we want is for the RBA to act too soon and then have to readjust and increase them again,” he explained.

White pointed out the negative impact past communication has had on borrowers’ expectations. He reflected, “Not long before the very first rate rise the RBA was telling borrowers that there wouldn’t be a rise for years, and that gave people a false sense of security, resulting in a lack of awareness and preparation.”

The association’s managing director argued for a careful approach to avoid misleading consumers into thinking rates will continue to fall prematurely. He said, “I’d imagine if they act suddenly to lower the rate now, it will be read by many that rates are on the way down, and they will act accordingly when this may not be the case.”

While advocating for steadiness in RBA’s interest rate decisions, White remains hopeful about future reductions, which he believes will come later in the year. He shared his outlook, “It is more likely rates would start to turn around towards the second half of the year when hopefully they will continue to decrease and provide borrowers with the genuine help they need.”

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