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Flemington introduces new homes under the Ground Lease Model redevelopment


Following the implementation of the Victorian Government’s Ground Lease Model redevelopment project, Flemington has welcomed the return of hundreds of families to newly built homes. Minister for Housing Harriet Shing, together with Member for Essendon Danny Pearson, visited Victoria Street to observe the newly constructed dwellings and spoke with residents, including Rose, who has moved back with her children.

The initiative has replaced previously demolished flats, inadequately equipped for modern living standards, with 359 new homes, comprising 240 units designated for social housing and 119 for affordable housing. These residences also include features promoting energy efficiency which are intended to facilitate reduced household energy expenses.

Shing commented, “We’re continuing our work to provide bright, modern, accessible, and energy-efficient homes to thousands of Victorian families, in the communities they love.”

In addition to housing, the development has introduced more community and open spaces, while ensuring over a 20% uplift in social housing capacity. The project has given special consideration to addressing the needs of people with disabilities, as indicated by the inclusion of accessible facilities such as lifts and designated car parking.

Strategically located near the Melbourne CBD, Flemington residents now find themselves within a convenient distance from public transport, services, jobs, and local sites like Debney’s Park and the Racecourse Road shopping area.

Ground Lease Model, a novel approach in Australian social housing, entrusts land to a not-for-profit entity to build and manage the housing for a 40-year period, after which the properties revert to public ownership. Minister Shing stated, “In welcoming Flemington residents to their new homes and by partnering with our community housing sector, we’re supporting local pride and connections while keeping land in public hands.”

This project in Flemington is part of a larger series that includes Brighton and Prahran, which collectively add more than 1,300 new homes. Overall, these initiatives are a key part of the Victorian Government’s $5.3 billion Big Housing Build, with works in progress or complete on over 9,200 homes.


Danny Pearson also spoke about the development’s impact: “It’s fantastic to see families like Rose and her kids returning to their modern and efficient new homes here in Flemington, so close to the CBD.” The program reflects an ongoing effort to retire and redevelop outdated high-rise public housing estates throughout Melbourne.

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