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Enhance your love life with feng shui-inspired interior design


Incorporating simple yet effective interior design elements into your home decor can rejuvenate your love life. The symbiotic relationship between colour, texture, and mood is an instrumental factor in creating a harmonious and affectionate atmosphere within the domestic setting.

Kellie Richardson, interior designer and founder of Melbourne’s Kurved by Design, advocates for the transformative power of home design on personal relationships. Having been recognised with the global CEO Excellence award for ‘Best Property Styling and Interior Design Business’ in 2020, Richardson brings authority to her insights into domestic aesthetics and their emotional impact.

Richardson noted the emotional response humans have to their home environments, stating that “Good interior design should be customised to each person’s individual history and taste.” She added that the introduction of soft shapes, natural materials, and effective lighting can uplift spirits, while conversely, poor design choices can lead to negative emotions and a strained home life.

Feng Shui, the ancient practice of harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment, is highlighted by Richardson for its guidance in enhancing the energy of love through careful colour selections. She expressed that “The energy of love provides a feeling of calm, tranquility, peace and serenity,” and suggested leveraging different elements like lighting, sound, and texture to amplify warmth and intimacy.

Emphasizing the importance of lighting, Richardson advised that “warm lighting creates a feeling of comfort and warmth,” urging the use of lamps with warm hues to set a sensual ambiance. The deliberate placement of the colour red, known in Feng Shui for its representation of fire and passion, can invigorate relationships when integrated thoughtfully into home decor.

Fabrics also play a key role in setting a passionate scene, with Richardson highlighting the sensuality of plush scatter cushions and leather finishes. Art, too, possesses the power to mould the emotional landscape of a home; it can significantly alter a space’s mood, especially when complemented with fragrant candles to fully cultivate a sensual environment.

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