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Dubai’s top neighborhoods for apartment rentals: what the experts say


Navigating the rental market in Dubai can prove to be a daunting task, with the potential for costly mistakes lurking around the corner. To shed light on the matter, the Sales Department at Colife Dubai, a rental company at the forefront of providing technologically-empowered living spaces, has come forward with invaluable insights for tenants. This includes a run-down of the most frequented neighborhoods and towers, particularly favored among expatriates.

Colife Dubai, known for its Scandinavian-style apartments complete with services and activities, is operational across 15 districts within Dubai. Each district boasts its unique set of benefits for residents. However, the experts at Colife Dubai have pinpointed Dubai Marina, Dubai Hills, and Downtown Dubai as the top three areas based on popularity among Dubai visitors. These areas offer a range of advantages from proximity to key attractions to quality life facilitated by top-tier developers like EMAAR.

Dubai Marina is highlighted as a prime location for many newcomers, with about 30% of Colife’s clientele showing a preference for the area. This neighborhood is celebrated for its closeness to the bay and Bluewaters Island, not to mention the myriad of high-rise buildings like the Princess Tower and Marina Gate Tower that provide premium living spaces starting from 9,000 AED for studios.

Dubai Hills emerges as an enticing option for those looking for a quieter lifestyle. Termed a “city within a city”, this district caters especially well to families and freelancers with its comprehensive on-site amenities. Rent rates in Dubai Hills begin from 11,000 AED for studios, with notable buildings such as Collective 1 and 2 and Pinnacle offering attractive, budget-friendly options.

Meanwhile, Downtown Dubai appeals to urbanites who wish to be at the heart of the city’s hustle and bustle. With studios starting at 9,000 AED, this area offers a picturesque urban landscape with close proximity to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa. Boulevard Towers and Burj Crown are among the recommended buildings, known for their affordability and luxury, respectively.

The city’s rapid population growth, as reported by the Dubai Statistics Center, is set to pose challenges for the rental market. With a notable influx of professionals drawn by career opportunities, the demand for suitable rental options is surging. Ilnara Muzafyarova, CEO of Colife Dubai, predicts a rise in rental costs in the coming years due to this escalating demand and limited supply. “In 2024, the cost of short-term rentals (up to 6 months) in the city will increase by 20% compared to 2023, and about 15% for long-term rentals (over 6 months),” she revealed. This underscores the importance of making informed rental choices in Dubai’s competitive market.

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