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New survey reveals Aussies’ concerns about housing and cost of living for newcomers


More than 80% of Australians view the nation’s housing and rental crises as major deterrents for newcomers, highlighting skyrocketing property prices and rents as significant challenges. This comes from a survey conducted by immigration assistance platform Immigration to Australia, which also identified the cost of living as a critical issue, especially among those aged 35-54.

The survey, which engaged a nationally representative panel of 1,012 Australians, aimed to understand the perceptions of Australians about the best and worst aspects of life in Australia for new arrivals amid increasing migration and skill shortages.

South Australians and Queenslanders are particularly concerned about housing affordability, with 89% and 85% respectively naming it as a key issue for immigrants. This concern aligns with record-high price growth in Adelaide and Brisbane. Adelaide saw a 60% increase in house medians between September 2019 and September 2023, the largest leap among Australian capitals, while Brisbane house medians reached $888,285 last quarter.

Alon Rajic, Founder and Managing Director of Immigration to Australia, observed, “As Australians face record high housing and living costs amid a nationwide skills shortage, these results…highlight…how rapid-fire property price growth is hurting…South Australians and Queenslanders.” He also noted varying concerns across different demographics, with Victorians equally worried about property and rent prices and the cost of living.

Gen-Z and Millennials are particularly concerned about the rising cost of living, seen as a major blight for new arrivals. This demographic shift underscores the broader anxieties over affordability in Australia.

The survey also shed light on positive aspects of living in Australia, such as the high-quality healthcare system, the freshness and quality of Australian food, and the weather, which were seen as major attractions for immigrants.

These findings arrive in the context of increased international immigration and a government effort to address skill shortages through the allocation of 190,000 places in the permanent migration program for 2023-24.


Rajic concluded, “Our survey further reveals what we value about the Land Down Under…our findings on Australia’s low crime rate speaks to generational perceptions of how safe our shores are…for young Aussies, our safety is clearly a source of pride.”

The full report, including insights into Australians’ viewpoints on the best and worst aspects of Australia for newcomers, is available on the Immigration to Australia website.

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