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Top podcast host reveals secrets to building a $6m property portfolio in new book


In the face of rising interest rates, property continues to be identified as a key wealth creation strategy, requiring patience and an effective approach. The publication of “Sort Your Property Out & Build Your Future” ($32.95, Wiley) by John Pidgeon, a renowned property coach and co-host of the my millennial property podcast, aims to guide individuals on how to establish a solid financial foundation through property investment. Leveraging over 25 years of experience as a property coach and investor, Pidgeon proposes a comprehensive 8-step strategy that tackles the fundamentals of initiating and expanding a property portfolio.

Pidgeon’s strategy places a significant focus on the development of an investor mindset, exploring finance options, and the selection of high-quality properties. He advocates for an emphasis on quality over quantity in property investments. With an approach that removes complex jargon, the book is designed to be accessible to investors at all levels. Through examples from real-world investor profiles, Pidgeon outlines various aspects of property investment, including:

  • Understanding the intricacies of loans, grants, schemes, taxes, and strategizing to secure the necessary deposit.
  • Recognizing the benefits and drawbacks of different types of properties and identifying promising investment opportunities.
  • Executing successful offers and acquiring the desired property, whether through private sales or auctions.
  • Implementing advanced investment strategies such as rentvesting, joint ventures, residential property development, among others.

Pidgeon aims to guide readers not only in making immediate buying decisions but also in setting long-term, realistic investment goals. “Ultimately, you’ll learn how to buy what’s right for you today and how to set smart, realistic goals for tomorrow,” Pidgeon noted.

Apart from being an author, John Pidgeon serves as the Director of Envisage Property and is a co-host of the top Australian finance podcasts, my millennial money and my millennial property. His contributions to the field have earned him recognition as one of the Top 10 Property Specialists by Australian Property Investor Magazine in 2018 and 2019. With qualifications in Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking, and as a Buyer’s Agent, combined with more than two decades in property investment, coaching, and education, Pidgeon offers rich insights in his latest book.

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