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Vault interiors founder guides homeowners on embracing autumn vibes


With the arrival of autumn, homeowners have the perfect opportunity to transform their living spaces into warm, inviting sanctuaries. Justine Wilson, the founder of Vault Interiors, shares valuable insights on how to seamlessly incorporate trending autumn colours into home decor, ensuring every space feels like a cosy retreat during the cooler months.

“Justine Wilson said that autumn was an excellent time to introduce colour into your home to lighten and brighten or to create a cosy environment,” and she elucidated that “Whether you prefer rich earthy tones or bright summer hues, there are endless possibilities to infuse warmth and style into your living space this season.”

Wilson highlights various ways to integrate five popular autumn hues into home environments:

  1. Rich Earthy Tones: Drawing inspiration from nature’s own colour palette, Wilson encourages the use of rich, deep earthy tones such as rust, mustard, brown, deep greens, olive tones, navy, and sky blues. Through accessories like cushions, throws, candles, books, and artwork, these colours can add depth and warmth to any room.
  2. Bright Summer Tones: To contrast the drop in temperature, vibrant summer tones like white, yellow, lime, citrus, and neon can bring freshness and energy into homes. Introducing these bright pops of colour through new bed linen, prints, florals, or decorative accents can instantly lift the space’s mood and inject vitality.
  3. Dark Academia Aesthetic: Wilson suggests tapping into the dark academia trend for a moody, old-fashioned vibe. This can be achieved by stacking vintage books, adding gold and brass elements such as picture frames and candlesticks, and incorporating deep magenta, red, and navy tones through Persian or vintage-inspired rugs. Warm lighting and darker lampshades further enhance this cosy, atmospheric ambiance.
  4. Cosy Autumn Vibes: For a truly inviting atmosphere, creating a dedicated coffee or hot chocolate station is recommended. Mimicking a Parisian cafe, a charming cart adorned with elegant cups, candles, florals, and decorative decanters for syrups can set the perfect scene for chilly evenings.

Wilson emphasized, “Autumn is a season of transition, and your home decor can reflect this change,” highlighting the season’s capacity to rejuvenate living spaces with a blend of rich, earthy tones or bright, playful hues. This approach ensures homeowners can elevate their homes’ ambiance, making them welcoming retreats for the cooler months ahead.

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