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Shepparton community called to shape the future with new housing and jobs plan


The Allan Labor Government, in collaboration with the Greater Shepparton City Council, has launched a public consultation initiative inviting Shepparton residents to voice their opinions on a forward-looking plan designed to generate thousands of new housing opportunities and job prospects.

Under the draft Shepparton South East Precinct Structure Plan (PSP), devised by the Victorian Planning Authority, the region is set to witness a transformative evolution. The plan aims to unlock a significant tract of land spanning roughly 385 hectares for residential development, community infrastructure, and employment opportunities. This initiative not only promises to cater to Shepparton’s housing needs but also to cement its role as a vital hub for regional advancement in Victoria over the upcoming two decades.

The outreach to Shepparton’s community marks the commencement of an engagement phase, seeking to align the project’s objectives with local aspirations and priorities. Stakeholders have until 15 March 2024 to submit their feedback on the proposal, which forecasts the establishment of up to 2,500 homes designed to house a population exceeding 6,000 individuals.

This ambitious development is part of a broader strategy encompassing 21 key projects identified by the Allan Labor Government. These projects are integral to the Government’s landmark Housing Statement, aimed at delivering in excess of 60,000 homes and creating an equivalent number of job opportunities across Victoria. The strategy underscores a commitment to ensuring a sustainable land supply and enhancing job proximity, while broadening the spectrum of housing options available statewide.

In a bid to expedite housing availability and address approval bottlenecks, the Government has also announced a suite of planning system reforms.

Minister for Planning, Sonya Kilkenny, highlighted the Government’s proactive stance on easing housing affordability concerns in regional Victoria. “We know it’s hard to find affordable housing in regional Victoria which is why we’re pulling every lever at our disposal to build 152,000 homes over the next decade,” Kilkenny stated. She emphasized the collaborative approach involving the community and council to co-create a vision that guides the precinct’s developmental trajectory.

Member for Northern Victoria Region, Jaclyn Symes, also encouraged community members to partake in the consultation process. Symes noted, “We’re calling on the community to have their say on the plan for the Shepparton South East Precinct, that will deliver more housing choice in Shepparton but create jobs in our region.” This inclusive approach aims to ensure that the developmental blueprint for the precinct resonates with the broader aspirations and needs of the Shepparton community.

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