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Victorian government proposes mandatory training for plumbers and builders to enhance safety


The Allan Labor Government has recently announced its proposal for mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Victorian plumbers and builders, aiming to ensure the delivery of safer and higher quality homes across the state.

Minister for Planning Sonya Kilkenny has spearheaded the initiative, launching a public consultation to shape the CPD guidelines that extend beyond the initial phase of licensing or registration.

The initiative is intended to keep Victorian builders and plumbers updated with the latest safety regulations and industry best practices.

Three potential frameworks for the CPD initiative have been laid out for consideration: a practitioner-led approach, a government-directed approach, and a combination approach.

Under the practitioner-led model, professionals would self-select their CPD activities, while the government-directed model would see the Victorian Building Authority determining the compulsory topics and activities. The preferred model, the combination approach, offers a blend of mandatory and self-directed learning, aiming to strike a balance that caters to the industry’s evolving needs while maintaining a minimum standard for all practitioners.

Public consultation on these proposals is underway and will remain open until April 26, 2024, with community input set to play a vital role in finalising the CPD requirements.

Regarding the importance of this initiative, Minister Kilkenny expressed that “ongoing training will ensure our builders and plumbers continue to have the skills they need to build safe, high-quality homes for Victorians.”


She further highlighted the government’s commitment to enhancing consumer protection within the home construction and renovation sectors: “We’re continuing to deliver reforms to ensure consumer protection is at the core of the system, ensuring Victorians can build, renovate or buy a home with confidence.”

To participate in the consultation and for more details, interested parties are encouraged to visit the dedicated website at

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