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Architectus, MPA, and Slattery unite to promote First Nations talent


Leading architectural and property firms, Architectus, MPA, and Slattery, are once again joining forces to sponsor the PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s First Nations Pathways Programme in collaboration with Mob in Fashion. This marks the third year the consortium has supported the initiative aimed at boosting First Nations presence and dialogue within the fashion sector. The First Nations Pathways Programme, spearheaded by Mob in Fashion, seeks to foster First Nations creatives by offering them opportunities for learning, training, networking, and pathways to paid employment and scholarships. The backing from the consortium makes possible the provision of paid job placements for First Nations individuals in various roles throughout the festival.

The partnership underscores a shared commitment to reconciliation and the nurturing, acknowledgment, and celebration of First Nations talent in design and creative fields. The programme plays a pivotal role in orchestrating one of the year’s most keenly awaited events, the Emerging Mob in Fashion Runway x Fujitsu. Scheduled to take place at the Royal Exhibition Building on Wurundjeri Country, the runway will feature roles like creative directors, stylists, assistant stylists, make-up artists, fashion photographers, and event assistants.

This year’s runway designer lineup is enriched with talents such as Delvene Cockatoo-Collins, Jasmine Craciun, and Lychee Alkira, among others. The Premium Runway Series will kick off with a special Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony, symbolizing inclusivity and reverence for First Nations culture. Moreover, the 2024 edition of the festival will expand its First Nations Pathways Programme to integrate First Nations entertainers within the Fashion Forecourt live stage, further deepening its commitment to cultural integration and representation.

Notable figures from Architectus, MPA, and Slattery have expressed their enthusiasm and pride in partaking in the festival. Ruth Wilson from Architectus “said Architectus is proud to continue our support for First Nations design through the Paypal Melbourne Fashion Festival,” highlighting the fusion of art, fashion, design, and culture as a vehicle for promoting First Nations creativity. Similarly, Sarah Hogan from MPA and Sarah Slattery from Slattery shared their excitement about the festival’s role in elevating First Nations talent and their ongoing commitment to the programme.

PayPal Melbourne Fashion Festival CEO Caroline Ralphsmith and Mob in Fashion founder Nathan McGuire both acknowledged the significance of the consortium’s support in elevating First Nations voices and facilitating their growth within the fashion industry. The enduring partnership and shared objectives among the consortium, Mob in Fashion, and the festival underscore a collective vision for a more inclusive and creative future.

The Emerging Mob In Fashion Runway x Fujitsu event is set for Thursday, 7 March, promising an illustrious showcase of First Nations artistry and innovation.

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