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Bendigo Bank introduces free home loan health check-up to assist Australians


As temperatures drop and Australians prepare their wardrobes for the colder months, Bendigo Bank is encouraging residents to also examine the suitability of their home loans in the current economic climate. To facilitate this, the bank is offering a complimentary Home Loan Health Check, aimed at assisting Australians in evaluating their current financial situations and exploring opportunities to save money by considering alternative lending options.

Penny and Ross, customers of Bendigo Bank, availed themselves of this service and reported saving $5,772 in the first year of their new home loan. The couple, who are in the process of building a house for their family, reached out to an expert mobile home loan lender from Bendigo Bank and expressed their satisfaction with the outcomes. Penny shared, “The thing that I love most about Bendigo Bank is the ease in which I can reach out and I know that they’re there.” She further noted the bank’s comprehension of their needs from the start and their assistance in realizing their goals.

Ross highlighted the contrast in their experience with Bendigo Bank compared to other banks, praising the personalized understanding and support they received from their lender at Bendigo Bank. “We really felt like she took the time to understand who we were,” Ross said, appreciating the lender’s effort to tailor Bendigo Bank products to their project’s requirements.

According to Amanda Flemming, Bendigo Bank Mobile Lending Manager, the Norris family was referred by another customer. Following the initial home loan health check, Flemming managed to reduce their monthly repayments by approximately $481. “A home loan health check is where we go through all the customers’ current loans and accounts with other banks, and we figure out the best option going forward for what it is they need,” Flemming explained.

Highlighting the importance of financial oversight, Richard Fennell, Chief Customer Officer of Consumer Banking at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, pointed out the timely nature of the season for Australian households to reassess their finances amid rising living costs. Fennell emphasised Bendigo Bank’s commitment to offering a variety of lending options, coupled with the availability of mobile lenders and branch specialists to facilitate savings. He assured, “At Bendigo Bank, we pride ourselves on feeding into the prosperity of our customers and communities, not off them.”

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