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Bendigo Bank advocates for homeowners to assess their current home loans


As the autumn season sets in, prompting many to rethink their wardrobe choices for the cooler weather, Bendigo Bank is encouraging Australians to similarly review their home loans to ensure they’re still the right fit in the changing financial climate. The bank offers a free Home Loan Health Check service designed to help Australians evaluate their current financial situation and explore potential savings by considering alternative lenders.

Penny and Ross, a couple who are in the process of building a new home for their family, took advantage of Bendigo Bank’s service and found themselves saving $5,772 during the first year of their home loan. They praised the bank for its supportive approach throughout the process. Penny shared her appreciation for the bank’s accessibility and comprehensive support, stating, “The thing that I love most about Bendigo Bank is the ease in which I can reach out and I know that they’re there. Bendigo Bank knew what we needed from the very beginning and helped us make it all happen.” Ross added, reflecting on their experiences with other banks, “We had spent a lot of time talking to other banks, and had really felt like they didn’t realise there were people on the other end of the conversation, whereas with our Bendigo Bank Lender, we really felt like she took the time to understand who we were.”

Amanda Flemming, a mobile lending manager at Bendigo Bank, highlighted the personalized approach taken during the Home Loan Health Check process. She managed to save the Norris family approximately $481 per month in repayments. Flemming described the service as a detailed review of the customer’s current loans and banking needs to identify the most beneficial options moving forward.

Richard Fennell, the Chief Customer Officer of Consumer Banking at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank, emphasized the importance of regularly assessing financial products to adapt to personal and economic changes. He remarked, “With cost-of-living presenting challenges for many Australians, it’s never been a better time to do a stocktake on your home loan.” Fennell also stressed the bank’s commitment to contributing to the prosperity of its customers and communities.

The Home Loan Health Check offered by Bendigo Bank represents an opportunity for homeowners to potentially save money and better align their home loans with their current and future needs. For more information, individuals are encouraged to visit the Bendigo Bank website or contact their nearest branch.

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