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Real estate tips: Pastels and scalloped furniture may deter homebuyers, expert warns


A real estate expert has revealed the interior decor trends that might be turning off potential homebuyers, with pastel colors leading the list of undesirable features. According to an analysis conducted by Agent Advice that examined decor-related Google searches across the country and each state last year, the least popular home design elements were identified, highlighting pastel furniture as the decor choice with the lowest interest. This information comes as a surprise, especially considering pastel colors and scalloped furniture have seen an increase in popularity over the past year.

Chris Heller, Co-Founder of Agent Advice, emphasized the significant impact that home decoration has on attracting buyers. He stated that well-decorated homes are more visually appealing and are more likely to resonate with buyers, often resulting in them being willing to pay more for a property that meets their aesthetic preferences and requires less renovation or redecoration. “This gives you an advantage in the competitive real estate market, particularly during peak periods like March, April, and May,” Heller noted, outlining the strategic importance of home staging for both in-person and online viewings.

The analysis not only highlighted pastel colors as the least appealing option for prospective buyers but also identified scalloped furniture, antique farmhouse decor, upcycled furniture, and industrial elements as other decor styles that could potentially deter homebuyers. These trends, which encompass a range of aesthetics from vintage to modern and farmhouse, seem to have their popularity waning, despite their prominence on social media platforms due to various cultural and design movements.

Surprisingly, the research also unveiled the design choices that are currently attracting attention from homebuyers. Among the most searched-for design elements are accent walls and pendant lighting, with minimalist elements such as monochromatic color palettes and open floor plans also ranking high. These findings suggest a shift towards simpler and more timeless design choices, reflecting a broader trend that might be driven by generational preferences and the transient nature of social media-fueled trends.

Heller further added, “The data shows the short-lived appeal of trends that rise to prominence of social media, which will attract some but likely not the majority.” He advised sellers to adopt simpler decor choices that offer a blend of personality and warmth, recommending warmer neutral tones, ample natural light, and a decluttered space as effective strategies for making homes more attractive to a wide range of buyers.

Design choices, ranked from least to most popular (nationwide) 

Design TrendAverage Monthly Google Searches
pastel colors290
scalloped furniture341
antique farmhouse decor1,625
upcycled furniture1,883
industrial decor2,708
scandinavian decor2,975
botanical wallpaper4,267
vintage decor4,300
gold cabinet hardware4,900
geometric wallpaper5,658
arched window6,600
arched door6,725
layered rugs8,300
mirror wall9,300
wicker furniture12,192
wood walls12,367
color blocking15,625
circular couch19,392
boho decor20,825
earthy tones23,083
floral wallpaper25,217
jewel tones27,375
gallery wall27,375
wallpaper murals27,900
hanging plants38,950
accent wall51,333
pendant lights62,958

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