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Real estate expert reveals top decor faux pas deterring homebuyers


A real estate specialist from Agent Advice has pinpointed interior design choices that could potentially dissuade prospective buyers from considering a property, with pastel hues identified as being particularly off-putting.

This crucial insight was derived from a comprehensive examination of Google searches related to home decor across the nation and every state throughout the last year. The analysis aimed to uncover the trends and design elements most and least appealing to home seekers.

For homeowners contemplating putting their residences on the market, especially during the optimal selling season of spring—spanning from March to May—it might be wise to reconsider certain decor aspects to align more closely with buyer preferences.

Chris Heller, the Co-Founder of Agent Advice, emphasized the significance of house presentation, stating, “When listing your home for sale, those that are decorated well are more visually appealing and therefore more likely to stick in buyers’ minds. Many buyers will even be willing to pay more for an aesthetically pleasing property as it requires less immediate renovation or redecoration.”

Unfortunately for sellers who recently embraced pastel decorations amidst their surge in popularity, these colors are now deemed least attractive to potential buyers. Leading the list of unfavorable choices were pastel shades such as pink, baby blue, and lilac, which had dominated social media owing to influences like the release of the Barbie film and a resurgence in retro aesthetics.

Following closely behind in terms of decor deterrents was scalloped furniture, which, despite its increased demand for its vintage and ‘mermaid-core’ appeal, similarly fails to resonate with many house hunters. Other design choices likely to reduce a home’s appeal include antique farmhouse decor, upcycled furniture, and elements of industrial design—each with its own set of detractors based on differing aesthetic preferences.

Contrastingly, decor elements that have captured the interest of prospective buyers include accent walls and pendant lighting, with minimalist features also ranking highly for their simplicity and open, bright spaces.


Heller further explained, “The data shows the short-lived appeal of trends that rise to prominence on social media, which will attract some but likely not the majority. Simplicity remains key when listing your property for sale, but clearly, it’s a fine line between simplicity and a lack of personality or warmth.”

In a shifting market where buyer preferences can rapidly evolve, sellers are encouraged to adopt a more neutral and universally appealing approach to decor to enhance the saleability of their homes.

 Interior Decor Choice
1Pastel colors
2Scalloped furniture
3Antique farmhouse decor
4Upcycled furniture
5Industrial decor
6Scandinavian decor
7Botanical wallpaper
8Vintage decor
9Gold cabinet hardware
10Geometric wallpaper 
The ten most offputting interior decor choices in 2024

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