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Discover the secret to crafting the perfect holiday home experience


The pursuit of curating the perfect holiday home that embodies relaxation, comfort, and unforgettable memories is an exciting journey. According to Melissa Bonney from The Designory, the essence of creating a captivating holiday home lies in the meticulous selection of styling and materials, aiming for a cohesive flow that evokes a distinct feeling upon entry. “As a designer, creating a feeling when you walk into a home is the epitome of success,” explained Bonney. She emphasised that attention to every detail is paramount in designing the ultimate getaway sanctuary.

Samudra House in Byron Bay, inspired by its coastal surroundings, stands as a testament to incorporating nature into design. Bonney highlighted the significance of blending natural materials like timber panelling with the landscape to achieve a seamless and inviting atmosphere. The strategic use of large windows ensures spaces are bathed in natural light, enhancing the home’s welcoming aura. “Large, well-designed windows can not only fill your spaces with natural light but can also enhance the overall experience of your holiday home,” Bonney revealed. She also stressed the importance of soft furnishing choices, like the Luxaflex┬« S-Wave Curtain, in modulating light and adding texture and warmth to the spaces.

Flow and connectivity between spaces serve as critical components in holiday home design. Samudra House, with its extensive layout featuring multiple bedrooms, living areas, and a landscaped outdoor entertaining space, is crafted to foster reconnection among large groups. Bonney noted the importance of considering guest movement and interaction within the design. The house exhibits a sophisticated blend of light, space, and materiality, where neutral palettes and soft furnishings encourage a seamless experience.

Ensuring privacy and restful nights, Bonney advocates for the selection of appropriate window treatments. Luxaflex┬« Duette┬« Shades, featured in the guest bedrooms, offer light and noise control alongside maintaining optimal room temperature, contributing to a peaceful ambiance. “The additional functionality of light and noise control, insulation and privacy needs has helped to create a more peaceful and comfortable atmosphere,” Bonney said.

For Bonney, luxury and convenience in a holiday home are epitomized through motorised window treatments. The integration of such technology not only simplifies day-to-day operations but also adds a layer of sophistication to the living spaces.

In crafting an inviting holiday retreat, Bonney advises paying close attention to colour schemes and material choices. Samudra House exemplifies this approach with its use of warm terracotta hues and walnut details, fostering a calm and spacious environment.

Additionally, creating spaces for intimate gatherings is essential for a holiday home. Samudra House’s design, from its timber-accented, light-filled interiors to the adaptable outdoor dining area complete with a motorised awning, caters to the flexibility required for hosting.


Samudra House exemplifies how a thoughtful design approach, embracing nature, style, and functionality, can create a holiday home that offers tranquility and enjoyment. The integration of natural materials, flow, privacy considerations, and modern conveniences form the foundation of a distinctive holiday home experience.

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