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Incorporating your pet’s needs into your home design: Expert tips


The love for pets in Australian households is undeniable, with approximately 70 percent of homes currently housing a pet, and a staggering 90 percent having done so at some point in time. This equates to around 28.7 million pets brightening up homes across the country. However, the challenge of integrating pets and their necessities into home decor in an aesthetically pleasing manner remains. Kellie Richardson, an esteemed interior designer and founder of Kurved by Design in Melbourne, offers advice on how to stylishly blend your pet’s needs into your home’s interior design.

Richardson, who has gained respect for coining the term ‘Botox for your home’ and winning the global CEO Excellence award in 2020 for ‘Best Property Styling and Interior Design Business’, emphasized the importance of pet-friendly home design. “If you look online, you’ll not only have access to a wider variety of pet accessories but also an increasing number of stylish designs that will complement your home, rather than stand out like an eye sore,” she stated.

According to Richardson, creating a comfortable and secure space for pets within the home enhances their sense of belonging and well-being. “Having a pet or two at home brings so much love and joy to your family circle, so we want to incorporate their furniture, food and water bowls and toys into the style of your home to really enhance the fact that they are part of the family,” she remarked.

For those looking to embrace ‘barkitecture’, Richardson provided several tips for integrating pets into home decor seamlessly. Firstly, investing in high-quality pet beds that blend into the home’s aesthetic is essential. “I strongly advise households to invest in a good pet bed, made from good materials… Many pet beds also come with a range of different covers that can be swapped out as your interior changes,” she advised.

Furthermore, Richardson suggested practical and stylish solutions for pet bowls, advising that they be matched with the interior or hidden away in converted drawers for a cleaner look.

To handle pet toys and accessories, Richardson recommends using baskets to keep them organised while adding texture and color to rooms.

In terms of design, ensuring that pet-friendly features blend with the overall home design is crucial. “With more and more home designers being conscious of including a family’s pet into the home, we now have so many great options to choose from,” Richardson added, highlighting innovations such as all-in-one pet stations and pull-out cat drawers.


Lastly, selecting pet-friendly fabrics and ensuring the safety of pets within the home are steps not to be overlooked. Richardson cautioned against using materials like suede and velvet which are fur magnets and advocated for smoother fabrics that are easier to clean. “At the end of the day, we know our pets are just our lovable little babies and no matter how old they are, they you need to take precautions to ensure their safety,” she concluded, stressing the importance of childproofing the home to protect curious pets.

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