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Justine Wilson shares expert advice on making a rental feel like home


Justine Wilson, the Principal Stylist and Founder of Vault Interiors, has shared her wealth of experience from moving over 25 times, offering valuable tips to help renters transform their spaces into personalised sanctuaries. With her latest move into a rental in the Sydney region, Wilson has once again succeeded in making a temporary residence feel like a true home.

Wilson emphasized the importance of personalisation in a living space. “Take it from someone who has moved over 25 times, making a home your own no matter how permanent or temporary is really important to your state of mind and how you live in and enjoy your home daily,” she said. Her approach focuses on incorporating personal touches and practical enhancements that resonate with the individual’s lifestyle and preferences.

Her advice for renters begins with showcasing personal treasures such as books, photos, and mementos from travels. These elements can be arranged strategically to create captivating vignettes on various surfaces, allowing the home to reflect the resident’s story and passions.

Wilson also advises embracing symmetry as a styling tool, which can add sophistication and visual impact to a room. She suggests pairing items like lamps on side tables and opting for ambient lighting to create a soft, welcoming atmosphere. Similarly, she recommends personalising spaces with art, noting that most landlords allow for artwork to be hung as long as the walls are returned to their original state at the lease’s end.

To maximize storage and enhance functionality, Wilson suggests incorporating bookshelves, which can also serve as display areas for kitchenware or collections. Outdoor spaces should not be neglected; Wilson recommends transforming them with solar fairy lights and functional furniture to extend the livable space.

Lastly, Wilson highlights the benefits of vinyl rugs for high-traffic areas, noting their ease of maintenance, sound absorption, and style. These rugs are particularly beneficial for pet owners.

For those interested in further styling tips and inspiration, Wilson directs them to the Vault Interiors website.

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