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PLACE Studio garners “Most Innovative Architecture Practice 2024 (East Coast)” award


PLACE Studio has been awarded the title of “Most Innovative Architecture Practice 2024 (East Coast)” by APAC Insider, as announced during its eighth annual awards ceremony.

The awards aim to acknowledge the significant contributions of companies to innovation within the diverse sectors constituting Australia’s business milieu.

The decision-making process involved the APAC Insider’s judging panel and research team evaluating nominees based on their dedication, skillsets, and innovative achievements.

PLACE Studio received recognition for its groundbreaking efforts in the architectural sector.

James Alexander-Hatziplis, CEO and Managing Director of PLACE Studio, expressed his appreciation for the accolade. “PLACE Studio is honoured to receive this award, which is a testament to our team’s creative thinking and the hard work our talented people have shown over the past 12 months,” he remarked.

This award follows the introduction of PLACE Studio’s Ownlea, a novel product designed to facilitate easier access to the property market.

Ownlea is a lease-to-own initiative that enables tenants to buy the property at the end of their lease for a pre-agreed price. This initiative is characterized by controlled costs for tenants and a significantly low average housing deposit requirement, starting at $12,500.


Alexander-Hatziplis elaborated on the vision behind Ownlea aiming to make property ownership more accessible. “At the heart of OwnLea’s mission lies the drive to democratise property ownership, by empowering occupants to build equity gradually by leasing with the ability to purchase, rather than renting with no end in sight,” he explained.

He further described the lease-to-own model as adaptable to individual financial situations, promoting it as a flexible way for potential homeowners to manage their savings. “Lease to own allows you to invest in a home according to your budget. It is a ‘pay as you go’ model that is more responsive to individual budget needs. You can accelerate or decelerate savings depending on own personal circumstance,” Alexander-Hatziplis added.

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