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Goulburn airport listed for sale, presenting development potential

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The sale of Goulburn Airport, a key general aviation facility conveniently situated between Sydney and Canberra, is being managed by the real estate company Ashby York. The airport, located approximately 7 km south of Goulburn, benefits from its proximity to the M1 motorway, ensuring easy access for both aircraft and passengers.

Equipped with both a large paved runway and a secondary grass runway, the airport can accommodate a wide range of aircraft. In addition, the facility includes a range of infrastructure such as a motel, café, training centre, aircraft hangars, and support facilities.

The airport spans 291 acres (118 hectares), with an additional 1871 acres (757 hectares) available for potential expansion. The presence of a helipad, flight training centre, and fueling stations highlights the airport’s capacity for further development.

An SP2 zoning classification designates the airport as a ‘special purpose’ zone, emphasizing its importance in regional transportation planning. The airport also features an approved 10-lot subdivision adjacent to taxiway delta, which could provide additional revenue streams and opportunities for expansion.

In terms of sustainability, Goulburn Airport has invested in hybrid wind and solar-powered street lighting systems, demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.

Steven Westlake, Principal of Ashby York, commented on the listing, noting the airport’s strategic location, extensive infrastructure, and potential for further development. He mentioned, “With its strategic location, versatile infrastructure, and development potential, Goulburn Airport is primed for continued success and growth in the regional aviation landscape as well as providing economic regional opportunities for the community.”

Interest in the sale of Goulburn Airport will be accepted until 30 March 2024, with Ashby York inviting potential investors to inquire further about this opportunity.

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