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Gitani Stone advocates for natural stone as a safer alternative to banned engineered stone


Sydney-based stone supplier Gitani Stone is recommending natural stone as the best alternative to engineered stone, which has been banned by Commonwealth, state, and territory governments due to its link to silicosis.

Following the prohibition on the use, supply, and manufacture of engineered stone, the stone industry has been searching for suitable substitutes. Jason Gittany, managing director of Gitani Stone, believes that natural stone is the best option for those prioritizing quality and longevity in a product.

“Without a doubt, natural stone is definitely the best option for anyone looking to prioritise quality and longevity as a product,” Gittany said. “I always strongly recommend natural stone sourced by Gitani Stone as it is superior in every aspect of durability, quality, and aesthetic appeal, and there’s tons of options that are just as affordable as engineered stone was.”

Gittany noted that in the company’s 50 years of operation, they have learned that there is a form of beautiful natural stone to fit any project and budget. In addition to natural stone, Gitani Stone has observed a market trend towards porcelain, which offers a natural look, heat and scratch resistance, and contains zero silica. The company is currently developing a full-body porcelain option that is as durable as some of their natural stone products.

Both porcelain and natural stone undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet Gitani Stone’s standards for safety and performance, according to Gittany.

“We are very thankful that the right decision was made to ban engineered stone. I’m excited to finally say goodbye to crystalline silica and innovate with newer, safer products of higher quality,” Gittany said.

The ban on engineered stone has prompted the stone industry to explore safer alternatives, with Gitani Stone advocating for the use of natural stone and porcelain as viable substitutes that offer both quality and affordability.

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