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Enviz bringing virtual property experiences to residential design


Enviz, an Australian proptech company formerly known as EnvisionVR, has launched Plans 3D and Plans 2D, two cost-effective services aimed at helping architects and designers bring their clients’ residential home floorplans to life through virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences.

Plans 3D creates a 1:1 scale of an entire home with an immersive, engaging AR/VR experience that can be accessed anywhere using a VR headset, mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Plans 2D, on the other hand, brings floorplans to 1:1 scale, allowing users to see their design at their feet wherever they are in the world via a mobile device or tablet.

To use these services, users simply need to submit a full set of 2D architectural floorplans. The ability to physically walk through a floorplan is expected to be particularly valuable for Australians who want to experience what their home will be like before they build.

“Plans 3D will help eliminate uncertainty in the finished product as the user experience will allow a proposed design to be reviewed and validated by clients, resulting in better design outcomes for clients,” said Enviz CEO Michael Shaw.

The company has made Plans 3D as cost-effective as possible to ensure accessibility for all architects and interior designers. The conversion of floorplans to a virtual reality walk-through experience costs $600, while a conversion to Plans 2D is just $20.

Jye Bohm and Sophie O’Dea, who used Plans 3D to immerse themselves in their planned new home ‘Casa Bayfield’ designed by Signature Homes, found the experience invaluable. “Walking through our home before it was built was incredible,” said Bohm. “Seeing the height of the ceilings, the size of the rooms, and getting a better feel for the layout of the house gave us so much confidence with our design, and made us so excited for it to be completed.”

After using Plans 3D, Bohm and O’Dea made several changes to their design, including amending room sizes, adding windows, changing joinery, and changing bathroom layouts. These changes saved them significant costs in variation fees and avoided potential regrets post-build.


Shaw believes that demand for richer, engaging experiences from the housing industry and consumers will continue to drive the proptech sector, and Enviz’s Plans 3D is expected to be a major drawcard for architects and designers showcasing their designs to clients.

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