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HIA calls on states to provide clear timelines for engineered stone ban implementation


The Housing Industry Association (HIA) has acknowledged the decision by state and territory Work, Health and Safety (WHS) Ministers to move forward with the implementation of a ban on engineered stone, but emphasizes the need for clear timelines to minimize industry uncertainty.

HIA Managing Director Jocelyn Martin stated that the organization takes the issue of working with engineered stone extremely seriously and supports efforts to minimize workers’ potential exposure to harmful levels of respirable crystalline silica (RCS), particularly when working with engineered stone.

While WHS Ministers agreed in December 2023 to ban the use, supply, and manufacture of engineered stone from July 1, 2024, the implementation process remained unclear. Ms Martin expressed encouragement that the Ministers have now reached an agreement and clearly defined what products can be specified, supplied, and used in homes in the short and medium term.

However, the specific time frame for the ban’s implementation will be left to individual states to determine, which Ms Martin believes will continue to create industry uncertainty. She urged state and territory governments to establish reasonable time frames that minimize disruption and impact on both consumers and the industry.

“These time frames need to ensure industry has adequate time to adapt and to make necessary adjustments to plans and manufacturing processes,” Ms Martin said.

She emphasized the critical importance of state governments providing detailed industry transition and communications plans that address these matters as soon as possible.

The HIA’s call for clear timelines and detailed transition plans aims to help the industry navigate the upcoming ban on engineered stone while minimizing the impact on businesses and consumers.

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