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Australasian Auctioneering Championships 2024 to be accessible for Deaf and Hard of hearing community


The Australasian Auctioneering Championships (AUSTROS) 2024, set to take place on May 15, will feature a thrilling showdown between 13 leading property auctioneers from across Australasia. Hosted by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania (REIT), the event will be accessible to the Deaf and Hard of hearing community through the inclusion of Auslan and New Zealand sign language interpretation.

REIA President Leanne Pilkington expressed her enthusiasm for the prestigious event, emphasizing the crucial role auctioneering plays in the real estate industry in both Australia and New Zealand.

“AUSTROS 2024 has garnered great excitement from across Australia and New Zealand with the event recognising outstanding talent within the real estate industry,” Ms Pilkington said.

In partnership with Expression Australia, AUSTROS 2024 will be signed in both Auslan and New Zealand sign language, demonstrating REIA’s commitment to making real estate transactions fair, accessible, and transparent.

Rebecca Adam, Chief Executive Officer of Expression Australia, commended REIA for its significant advancements in accessibility, stating, “The inclusion of both Auslan and New Zealand sign language (NZSL) interpretation at the AUSTROS 2024 marks a turning point in communication accessibility within the real estate industry.”

REIT Chief Executive Michelle Tynan added, “For the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania, hosting the Championships is extra special, as it gives Tasmania the opportunity to witness the true craft of Auctioneering. We hope we showcase locally the value of auction as an important method of sale for the Tasmanian real estate consumer.”

REINZ Chief Executive Jen Baird noted the fierce competition for the two spots for New Zealand auctioneers at AUSTROS this year, highlighting the skill and talent they bring to the sales process.


The full AUSTROS program is available online, and the event can be viewed at

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