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New real estate platform offers alternative for struggling sellers


As mortgage repayments continue to burden property owners across Australia, many are being forced to sell their homes. However, some are finding that even after investing in marketing and staging, their properties are not selling or are only attracting low offers that barely cover the high agency fees.

Andy Dunn, founder and CEO of Wavie, a new real estate platform, said, “Property owners need to understand that the market has changed and so has the real estate sector. Using a traditional real estate agent to sell your property is no longer a requirement, it is an option.”

He added, “There are now other ways to sell your home. You don’t have to keep persevering with real estate agents. You can do a lot of the heavy lifting yourself and thanks to new digital tools, the lifting is no longer that heavy. It is now a very easy process to manage the sale of your own property and it costs a heck of a lot less too. If you have already invested in photos, why not use these as well.”

Wavie, described as “UBER for real estate,” enables homeowners to sell their properties using user-friendly tools, support, and assistance, potentially saving thousands on commissions and fees.

For those who have failed to sell their property, Mr Dunn outlines several options, including finding another agent, using social media platforms, and trying self-it-yourself websites. However, he cautions against the risks of scams and the challenges of managing the entire process alone.

Instead, he recommends considering a full-service, low-fee platform like Wavie, which offers a range of services to assist in the sale process, from creating marketing materials and listing the property to facilitating negotiations and providing conveyancing services.

“One of the primary advantages of selling a home yourself is the potential to save on real estate agent commissions. By eliminating the need for a listing agent, homeowners can potentially keep more of the proceeds from the sale,” Mr Dunn said.


He acknowledged that while selling a home independently offers benefits, it is essential to consider the potential challenges and complexities involved, such as legal requirements, marketing strategies, pricing accuracy, and negotiation skills.

Mr Dunn concluded, “The market will always need full service real estate agents, but there is now demand for an uberised real estate selling service that empowers property owners to do some of the work themselves.”

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