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Sydney CBD apartment rental market softens as cost of living pressures mount, Ayre Real Estate reports


Ayre Real Estate, a leading agency specialising in the Sydney CBD and Pyrmont apartment rental market, has shared crucial insights on the evolving rental landscape in the city. Adrian Wilson, Principal and Founder of Ayre Real Estate, provided a detailed analysis of current market trends and offered essential advice for landlords navigating these changes.

According to Wilson, the Sydney CBD and inner-city rental markets are experiencing a gradual softening of rental prices, driven by changes in supply and demand dynamics. Despite vacancy rates for Greater Sydney remaining low, indicating persistent housing demand, CoreLogic data suggests that rents in some Sydney areas have reached record highs. However, Wilson emphasizes the need for a more granular analysis, as the generalised reporting spans a broad spectrum of areas, demographics, and psychographics.

The rising cost of living appears to be a significant factor in the shifting rental market, pushing tenants towards more affordable suburbs further from the city. This affordability strain is evident in the increase in the average number of days rental properties remain on the market in inner-city areas.

“This shift underscores the importance of landlords being strategic in their approach to marketing and pricing, ensuring timely occupancy and minimal vacancy,” Wilson said.

Ayre Real Estate has also observed changes in tenant behavior, with rental applicants increasingly applying for multiple properties simultaneously due to competition fears or specific needs. However, many withdraw their interest post-agreement, a trend Wilson believes is driven by media narratives and generalised market forecasts that create a perception of heightened competition.

Wilson noted that even premium properties attracting executive tenants are not immune to market changes, as many of these tenants have property portfolios in or near Sydney’s CBD and are susceptible to higher interest rates, impacting their disposable income.

In light of these evolving market dynamics, Wilson emphasizes the critical role of professional property managers. “With local insights and a deep understanding of market dynamics, experienced property managers can guide landlords through these shifting tides. From adjusting pricing strategies to tailoring marketing approaches, the expertise of a skilled agent can optimise rental income and minimise vacancy periods,” he said.


As the Sydney CBD apartment rental market continues to navigate the challenges posed by the rising cost of living and changing tenant preferences, landlords will need to remain agile and rely on the expertise of local property professionals to ensure the ongoing success of their investments.

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