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Bridgerton’s stately homes would cost a fortune in today’s real estate market, experts reveal


New research by real estate experts AgentAdvice has revealed the eye-watering cost of purchasing the stately homes featured in the hit Netflix series Bridgerton if they were put on the market today. By multiplying each mansion’s estimated floor space in square feet by the local area’s median price per square foot, the study found that Queen Charlotte’s residence, Hampton Court Palace, would be the most expensive at a staggering $564 million.

The Duke and Duchess of Hastings own the second and third most valuable properties, with their London residence, Wilton House, estimated at $47.5 million and their fictional county home, Clyvedon Castle (filmed at Castle Howard in North Yorkshire), valued at $27 million. The Bridgerton family’s mansion, located in Greenwich, London, would fetch an estimated $8.2 million, while Lady Danbury’s estate, the Holburne Museum of Art in Bath, would be worth around $7.09 million.

The Featherington residence, filmed at No.1 Royal Crescent in Bath, would cost approximately $6.3 million, and the Mondrich residence, Kingston Bagpuize House in Oxfordshire, is the most affordable of the show’s opulent filming locations at an estimated $4.28 million, requiring homebuyers to spend around $856,000 for a 20% deposit.

A spokesperson for AgentAdvice commented, “Bridgerton uses some of the UK’s most beautiful and historically important buildings, acting as a backdrop to some of the show’s most important scenes and home to key characters. While these properties would be a dream to own for pretty much everyone, it’s fun to see how much they could be worth in today’s value.”

The research highlights the vast disparity in real estate values, ranging from a few million for the Mondrich residence to over half a billion for Queen Charlotte’s residence, which almost rivals the size of Buckingham Palace. The study provides an intriguing insight into the extravagant world of Bridgerton and the real-life cost of owning such magnificent properties.

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