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Five tips to give your home a Bridgerton-inspired makeover


The much-loved Netflix regency romance Bridgerton has returned, captivating viewers with its extravagant style, interior backdrops, and magnificent stately properties.

Ahead of the release of the second part of the series on June 13, PLACE Studio’s COO and co-founder, Marie-Claire Alexander-Hatziplis, shared her five design tips to help bring that Bridgerton feel into your home.

Switch to the colour of the season: The easiest way to revamp your home Bridgerton-style is to change your colour scheme. This could involve choosing a pattern such as florals, thicker fabrics with a woven design, or integrating pops of colour. For a more regal look like Queen Charlotte, consider richer shades such as royal reds and blue tones.

Add the golden touch: Featuring gold accents on furniture details will give your home a more opulent look. Gold-tinted lampshades, gilded mirrors, fixtures, frames, and ornaments can add a majestic feel to your space.

Include wallpaper and interior trim: Adding a bold feature wall in a prime location, such as the lounge room or behind your bed, will bring personality and glamour to your regency palette. Interior trim, seen throughout the show in the beautiful estates, is a simple way to create that regency feel and add more charm to your home.

Throw in some art and chandeliers: No regency-era room would be complete without a grand chandelier. These large, hanging fixtures, adorned with dazzling crystals and elegant swirls, perfectly capture the artistic expression seen in Bridgerton. Elaborate art can also bring colour and character into your home.

Don’t forget rugs and curtains: Persian rugs are ideal for bringing classic elegance into a modern area. Curtains with elaborate patterns, rich fabrics like velvet or brocade, intricate trims such as tassels or fringe, and floor-length styles can add a sense of grandeur and opulence to your interior spaces.


Whether inspired by a love for Bridgerton or simply wanting to add a touch of elegance to your home, these regency-inspired home decor ideas can help bring the show’s charm into your own space.

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